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Optimizemylife.com (OML) is the Membership Portal for The HOPE Collection (THC).

We provide access to services, benefits and rewards collected to help you, and through you to help others. 
We celebrate Fruitful Lives that reach out and make a difference. 
We provide opportunities to "pay it forward" and get involved. 
Let us know how we can help you!

Meet the Team

The Board of The HOPE Collection oversees the functions of this website. 
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Ark Solution Group – Lead Technology

...focused on providing working solutions for the identified needs of people and business.



Our Mission

The mission of The HOPE Collection is to identify and supply resources that will support projects that will provide “Substantial and Sustainable Social and Economic Growth” in the fields of:

Health & Wellness, Performing and Fine Arts,
Family Issues, Development & Housing,
Technology / Energy / Communications,
Faith Based Leadership, Education,
Food & Nutrition

There are no geographical restrictions for such programs and all are aimed at breaking down the day to day issues created by the cycle of poverty at the grassroots of society.